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How to Upscale an Image Step by Step?

1. Upload Image

Upload your image (JPEG, PNG, etc.) to enhance its quality. You can upload images up to 8 MB.

2. Select Scale Factor

Choose one of the scale factors to set how much you want to upscale your image.

3. Enhance & Upscale

Click on "Upscale Image" and start the process to enhance and upscale your image quality.

High-Resolution Images at Any Size

Upscale your low-resolution images to higher resolutions with just a few clicks. Our online image upscaler handles the complex processing while you focus on what matters most - your creative vision.

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Unmatched Upscaling Quality & Speed

We understand the value of your time. To enhance efficiency, we utilize fast virtual computers for speed and advanced AI algorithms for quality. This combination allows us to deliver exceptional results as quickly as possible.

Enhanced Details & Clarity

Our image upscaler meticulously analyzes and improves each section of your image, enhancing details and clarity. The result is a higher resolution image that maintains its original quality and sharpness, surpassing standard upscaling tools.

Online Image Upscaler

What Makes Our Upscaler Better in Comparison?

Signup Required No Yes Yes Yes
Limits None Subscription required to use Subscription required to use Subscription required to use
Pricing Model Free Subscription Subscription Subscription
Price $0 $9.99/month $12/month $10/month
Image Upscaling Quality High Very High Medium Very High

Why Our Users Love Us

One of the best image upscaler tools out there. Completely free to use and incredibly effective. Definitely recommend!

Alice M.

Product Designer has become my go-to app for enhancing image quality. Helps a lot with my graphic design projects.

Brian T.

Graphic Designer

Where can I rate this tool 100 stars? Can't imagine a world without this upscaler, it works wonders.

Chloe R.


Perfect Tool for Graphic Designers is an essential tool for graphic designers, offering powerful features for image vectorization and upscaling. With advanced image processing algorithms and a 1-click AI image vectorizer, you gain effortless control over transforming and enhancing your visuals.

Whether refining intricate designs or improving resolution, ensures stunning vector art and high-quality upscaled images, making it the perfect companion for any design project.

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Case Studies

Case Study: Canva Designs

Client: David G., Canva Expert

Canva Case Study

David used to convert his JPEG images to SVG for his Canva projects. The high-quality vectorization allowed for clean, scalable images that improved the overall aesthetic and functionality of his designs. David noted, " has become my go-to app for converting JPEG to SVG. Helps a lot with my Canva designs."

Case Study: Product Design

Client: Alexa N., Product Designer

Product Design Mobile App Case Study

Alexa leveraged to enhance her product design illustrations. By converting PNG files to SVG, she ensured her graphics remained sharp, regardless of size. Alexa stated, "Where can I rate this tool 100 stars? Can't imagine a world without this vectorizer, it works wonders."

Case Study: Website Graphics Optimization

Client: Raul I., Web Developer

Web Graphics Case Study

Raul used to convert PNG icons and logos to SVG, ensuring the graphics on his website were sharp and scalable across all devices. He shared, " made it easy to maintain a consistent look on our site, no matter the screen size. It's an essential tool for any web developer."

Case Study: Photography Enhancements

Client: Victor A., Professional Photographer

Image Upscaling Case Study

Victor used the Image Upscaler tool to enhance the resolution of her photographs for large prints. The upscaler preserved the details and enhanced the overall quality of the images. Victor commented, "The Image Upscaler is fantastic! It has significantly improved the quality of my large prints without any loss in detail."

Case Study: Digital Design Printing

Client: Lucas M., Digital Print Designer

Print on Demand Case Study

Lucas used to convert his detailed designs from PNG to SVG for high-quality digital prints. The crisp, clean vectors ensured that his intricate patterns were reproduced accurately in large formats. Lucas mentioned, " has been a game-changer for my digital print designs. The SVG files are perfect for maintaining the quality I need for high-resolution prints."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is image upscaling?

Image upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image to enhance its quality. Our tool uses advanced algorithms to improve image clarity and details.

How to upscale an image for free? is a free online image enhancer that allows you to upload images and upscale their quality for free. Simply upload your image and click on "Upscale Image".

How do I enhance a JPEG image?

You can upload JPEG images to our free image upscaler tool and enhance their quality effortlessly.

How to improve the quality of a PNG image? allows you to upload PNG images and enhance their quality for free.

What is the best free online image enhancer? is a free online image enhancer that improves the quality of your images effectively.

How to convert a low-resolution image to high resolution?

Converting a low-resolution image to high resolution is simple with Just upload your image and click on "Upscale Image". Our free image upscaler will process your image and improve its resolution.